Loving NYC

New York City has been so good to us so far! Very excited for this week and have been for a while as I said before. :) We were blessed with beautiful weather yesterday so we decided to do lots of outdoorsy things.

Yesterday's outfit components:

Leather leggings paired with a cobalt blue chiffon blouse. Added a bright yellow statement necklace and a military jacket to walk around the city in. Loved the look although I was a bit cold! Still too chilly to be walking around in flats and not a heavier jacket. It'll get there.

Like I said, the weather was gorgeous. Here's a few of my favorites from the day I thought turned out pretty neat.

Love the candid shots. Taylor, my roomie, and her boyfriend waiting in line for the 9/11 Memorial.

Another one of those candid shots thanks to Brandon. Crazy wind hair.

I'll be posting plenty more photos from the trip throughout the week, so stay tuned! Hope all of you have a relaxing Sunday :)

Xoxox, Kay.


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