One Week..I Can Do It!

All I have been thinking about lately is Spring Break. Not only because there won't be any classes to worry about, any homework, quizzes, or exams (although that is a major bonus), but mostly because I will be in NYC, again! I recently went for the first time over Winter Break, and I absolutely fell in love! (I mean, who couldn't!?)

Here are a few of the highlights from my trip that I wanted to share -- 

Michael Kors on Fifth Ave! I was definitely in love when I walked in...

Top of the Empire State Building! What an absolute gorgeous site to see. 

That week was one of the greatest weeks of my life, and the most memorable. If I had to recommend one place that everyone should get a chance to visit, I would say New York City. It is beautiful, and there is so much to see!

I hope everyone is getting their week off to a great start, and enjoy your Monday! 



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xo, kay