Spring is Near!

I don't know about any of you, but I am THRILLED that Spring is on it's way. Although I am a big, big fan of scarves & boots, I am ready to move onto colorful pieces! One of my favorite trends this upcoming season is bold colors whether it's in a pair of bottoms, a classic blouse, or statement necklace, I love!

So, as I said my favorite trend is bold colors, another that goes along with it is pairing two bold colors together in a way that brings your entire outfit together. Some people may be nervous or hesitant on putting two bold pieces in one ensemble, but I say go for it! As long as it ties everything in together. The more colors this Spring, the better. And if you're really hesitant like a few of my friends (Neutral Nancy's), try pairing together simple items such as a bold colored bottom and a statement necklace as a starter to warm up to this idea. 

For example, this maxi skirt looks awesome paired with a bright yellow statement necklace. It's not too loud, or too "in your face". It creates a bold look, especially paired with a simple crisp white top, along with some simple sandals... and wa-la! You have a killer outfit to rock when Spring is here. :) 

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  1. I too am so ready for spring! Good luck to you Punk :)


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