Birthday Celebrations

Happy April everyone! I hope you aren't on the receiving end of too many April Fools jokes today ;) Todays post is about NYC still!

Last Wednesday was Brie's birthday! My boyfriends younger sister. She turned 19, and she wanted to celebrate by going to Coney Island for the day. It was absolutely perfect weather for this. We got to walk along the beach, check out the boats, see the pier.

Coney Island from the boardwalk view.

The birthday girl!

I love this candid shot of them. Cute couple :)

Preparing for a photo op...

Birthday girl and I.

View from underneath the pier, I thought this looked neat.

So Brie wanted to ride the "sling shot" for her birthday, and I was the only one who would go on it with her..

Getting strapped in and preparing to be shot in the air...

Us in the air, so much fun!!

This was my first trip to Coney Island, and I was impressed. It's such a cute and cozy little theme park, and it's ideal with being right on the water. The beach is beautiful, and we were once again blessed with the great weather. Not much more to ask for.

A huge Happy birthday to Brie!! Love you like a sister.



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