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I just got these new flats a few weeks ago, and they are so comfortable! I've never had a pair with support in them, and I will never go back. The stripes give them a Nautical feel and it's perfect for Spring. :) 

This was back in Brooklyn when we were there visiting the Costa's during Spring Break. :( I miss it already. 

So, my cat, Meka, decided to help Tim drive us home from my parents house on Easter. This picture cracks me up everytime. On the right, just giving some love, which he loves (sarcasm). Such a boy.

My bright Nike's. I was wearing such neutral colors that day, I needed some color. 

^KSU's Flashfest, it was such a beautiful day.. temperature was in the 80s, the sun was shining, and the trees are blooming. A bunch of us girls decided to grill out, listen to some music in the sun, and just be outside for the day. So fun!

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Happy Monday! 


  1. Awesome pictures! Loving those flats.

  2. I love the fedora and the cute bright Nikes. I found your fab blog on IFB and I am now following. Stop by for a visit sometime and follow back if you like what you see.
    Hugs :)

  3. You're so beautiful! :)

  4. Hmmm sta je to lepo za dorucak, vidjala sam i ranije, super izgleda ali verovatno nema kod nas, taj kao hleb sa neki vocem tako mi deluje?


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