Maxi Time!

The last day we spent in New York City was the perfect day to wear my new maxi dress. Maxi's are one of my favorite Spring/Summer must have. I feel that every girl should own at least one maxi dress, or maxi skirt. It's okay if the dress is a little too long, but make sure that it's long enough, that is the key! I have a roommate who is a bit taller and she found the perfect length for herself from Nordstrom, and it was a Calvin Klein maxi. Well anyway! We spent the afternoon strolling through Central Park with our boyfriends (my roommate and I), and grabbed some lunch.

My outfit choice - I obviously wore my maxi dress I bought at Forever 21 in Times Square the first night we arrived in NYC. It was only going to be in the 50's, so I threw on some black leggings underneath to keep my legs warm, threw on a cropped jean jacket and a plain tan scarf. I paired my black and tan bug sunglasses with it also since the colors matched perfectly.

Roommate and I walking out of the Trump Tower after getting our Starbucks in our morning ritual.

This was my third time in Central Park, but this time we decided to actually walk in further than we ever have, and there is so much in there! We found this cute little bridge over the pond and decided to snap a few photos.

Tim wanted some actions shots, and my roommate Taylor was holding my camera and this is what came out, I think it looks pretty awesome!

The boys climbing the rocks in the park.

Holding my loves hand on a little stroll. :)

Tim bought a few snapbacks in the city during this trip. This has to be my favorite one he's ever bought! I liked this picture, he was sitting on a rock looking out at Central Park.

It broke my heart to leave the city, but I know we will be back in just a few short months. The night before we left we visited Tim's cousin whom lives in Manhattan off of first avenue. I got some cool shots off of his balcony over looking the city! I will add them shortly to the blog. :)



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