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I finally decided to download all of my New York City photos off of my camera! As most of you know, I recently spent Spring Break in the magnificent city of New York, and had an amazing time. It was only my second trip into the city, and there was still so much to see! Some of these were taken with our iPhone's, so bare with me! I picked all of my favorite pictures, which still is probably too many, so here are a few highlights of my trip. Enjoy :)

^First night in NYC! Also, first time Taylor has ever been in the city, so we were pretty excited! 

^Tim and Colleen cuddling after a long drive, and long day in the city. :) I love this one

^First circus!!

^My other half and I being silly. : ) 

^Tiffany & Co. champagne glasses, cheering to a gorgeous sunset!

^Not only did I get to see my cousin Jaime in Manhattan, we got to meet Justin Long at the Slipper Room! So cool!!

^Debbie, Brie (birthday girl!), Taylor, & I

^Celebrating our two year anniversary in the city. I love this man more than anything!

^My favorite purchase of the trip.. Calvin Klein sunglasses. I've never been a fan of the white look, but I adore these!

^Grand Central has THE most beautiful chandeliers! 

^Of course I had to take everyone to Dylan's Candy Bar. Okay, maybe I just wanted to restock on these delicious goodies...

^Beautiful Colleen! One of my favorite Costa's. :)

On the last night, we were lucky enough to visit Timothy's cousin in his penthouse! It was absolutely stunning. I took some pictures from the balcony, but it does not do justice.

New York City has a special place in my heart, and I am already planning my next trip back! It is always a blast to spend a week with the Costa's, my boyfriends parents. :) A huge thank-you to them for putting up with us for a whole 8 days! 

Oh, and Happy Friday to you! Yay for the weekend!
Xoxo, Kay.


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