Spring is in The Air

Spring is in the air, and I could not be happier! The trees are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the smell of flowers is all around. :) I had to say that... but anyway, this weather is a blessing for us considering the past few weeks here in Ohio. The sunshine has been so good to us, everyone is out and about on campus and downtown! I had the chance to walk around downtown for a bit during one of my breaks between classes. It's a great site to see some green instead of brown branches and grass everywhere.

This navy and white dress is loose fitting, but also a perfect fit. The braided belt adds a perfect touch. I put a pair of gold studded sandals on to kind of dress down the dress, but also dress up my feet. 

This coral clutch adds the perfect pop of color. I love the contrast between the navy and the coral. I can't believe the semester is about to be over... only one more week of classes after this one, and then finals! It's going to be busy, but don't worry I won't forget about you all! I'll be sure to update as much as possible. Thanks again for reading!


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xo, kay