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^^A beautiful sunset that I caught on my way out from work! I love moments like these... reminded me to pay attention to the little things. (This was needed that day). 

^^Spring is all around! These flowers were such a relieving site, made me smile. And, everyone loves a blue sky with some puffy white clouds. :)

^^Boyfriend and I celebrating another anniversary. Made him dinner then took a trip downtown for some frozen yogurt, quite delicious! This picture doesn't do it justice.

^^Girlfriends and I celebrating Lauryn's graduation from KSU! Such an accomplishment. Her parents came for the day and took us out to dinner, and then for some dessert. Congrats Lo!

^^Arm candy. All turquoised out for the day.. just got these shoes you can almost see. So bright and I love 'em!

Just catching you up on some of my latest Instagram posts. Stay tuned for the rest of this week to be guys week! You won't be disappointed. :) I have finals all week so its a bit more hectic than usual.. but I will try to stay on schedule! Almost done with the semester, woooo! Enjoy your beautiful Monday today loves! 



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