Guys Week, Post Two!

Here is the second outfit of Guys Week! This bright ensemble is perfect for a Spring afternoon. Blake paired this Ralph Lauren button-down with deep blue Chinos, also from Ralph Lauren. The tan leather Sperry's are a great touch to all of the colors. We took these photos in downtown Kent right under the bridge. The landscape made his outfit 'pop' more I thought rather than being against buildings. I loved the contrast! (If you haven't noticed, I'm all about a great contrast).

Focused on just the clothing so you could see the details in this ensemble.

I just love all of the colors in this plaid. It's a great shirt that can be worn in Spring to Summer. Added his Michael Kors sunglasses to the shirt for a casual look. 

This outfit includes, Plaid Button-down Ralph Lauren, Blue Chinos Ralph Lauren, Tan Shoes Sperry, Sunglasses Michael Kors, Watch Michael Kors.

Again, Blake deserves a huge thank-you. He made this first Special Week, very fun and easy! I hope all of you enjoyed this, and want to know if you would be interested in having another again?! Let me know what you think! Enjoy your weekend loves!


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  2. Great guy style, I especially like the vibrant colors in the button up.

  3. Very stylish! I love how you've incorporated men into your blog.

    Kim xx

  4. I love how you are featuring men's fashion on your blog! It is really great to see! :) Also, this look is great, and I can see a lot of guys looking good in this outfit.

    Written in Fashion

  5. Oh I love your shirt and the shoes! Great outfit :)

  6. hello! thanks for your message on my ifb! i love that you include boys fashion on your blog. is really nice.
    i hope you enjoy my blog too.
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