Bold Bottoms

These genie pants are a great pop of color to add to a simple outfit! This basic tank, from Target, is from the same line my other purple one (from this post) is from and they are a must-have! They are just so easy to throw on, but it doesn't look messy. This is my new Trilby hat, which I love! It has the cutest detail, and the band is beige, with my other being black so it matches more! I put on my snake-skin sandals to add some texture.

These pants are so lightweight, they are so perfect for a Summer night out. I have to mention how comfortable they are as well! 
Here you can see the details on the hat.
Such a breezy, laid back style but still looks put together. 
I love this print with all of the red.
Photography by Victoria Campbell.

Top: Target
Bottoms: Forever 21
Sandals: Charlotte Russe
Trilby Hat: Ralph Lauren
Watch: Michael Kors

 Happy Friday! I am so excited for this weekend! My boyfriend bought me concert tickets for tonight, an early birthday gift. First country concert of the season! Shout-out and huge thank you to him. This weekend is filled with sunshine, grilling, and friends! I hope you all have some fun plans throughout the weekend, and enjoy! 


  1. Lovely :)
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  2. So gorgeous!! Perfect holiday outfit. Love it :)

  3. Loving the red ! Really goo fit
    Livvyy xx

  4. The pants really look good on you !


  5. amazing look! the sandals are the perfect match with that style of pant. where are they from?? i am loving that style! xoxo


  6. BEAUTIFUL pants <3 they look amazing!
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  7. Love the hat it such an under used accessory


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