Gold Accents

I dressed down this little black dress of mine with a denim blouse since the blouse gives off a casual look. It makes the whole ensemble more of a day look, which I wanted. This Lia Sophia necklace is a new addition to my wardrobe, and I am thrilled to have it! Since I did a post with this denim top paired with casual shorts, I thought I would do another outfit on how to wear it a different way. I love the look this outfit has, and it's comfortable!

These booties have been in my closet for years now, and I never find the right outfit for them unfortunately! This one seemed pretty perfect though, since it helped tie in the black of the dress.

Like I've said in past posts, most people aren't comfortable wearing heels like this around all day, so you could easily put on some black sandals. If I had to chose from my own closet, I'd go with my black fringe sandals. 

Denim Top: Target
Dress and Heels: Forever 21
Necklace: Lia Sophia
Bracelet: Rue 21

What denim post did you like more? The denim with the shorts, or the denim dressing down a little black dress? I personally love both of the styles! I hope you are all having a fabulous week, only a few more days until the weekend! 


  1. this look is awesome! kisseess:)

  2. I totally love this post!!! Really great inspiration! tell me if you would like to follow each other? I follow you back for sure

  3. Cute look !

  4. I love the geometric bracelet

  5. Nice outfit!

  6. Love this style! definitely loving the denim with the dress, and those shoes are gorgeous!

  7. Love those boots.

  8. This is a great look :) Sometimes when you finally bust out a pair of heels you haven't worn in a while it feels like you've gone and bought something new.


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