Ombré Detail

Good afternoon beauts! This is a later post than usual...but I am glad I found the time to make one! My 21st was definitely a success, and a huge shout out to my wonderful friends for everything! This ombré dress from Civil Clothing is so comfortable and light, perfect for a warm Summer day! The coloring is my favorite part. 

 The back of the dress is "criss-cross", and there is the ombré detailing in the straps as well, which I love!
 I paired this with a turquoise necklace, because I love the contrast between the peach color and the necklace. I love these colors together.

These sandals have been my favorite pair this Summer. I've been loving gold, which is odd because I use to say I'd never wear it! 

Shoes: Target
Necklace: Chinatown NYC
Bracelets: Pandora

I hope you all are having a good week so far! I can't believe August is approaching us. It seems like time just goes by faster and faster. It's crazy! Until next time loves.


  1. That is such a pretty dress! I love the ombre effect

  2. your dress is super beautiful <3
    check out my July favorites:

  3. Love the look...casual but classy....
    xoxo Your Aunt R

  4. Ombre is definitely one of the summery pieces! I love how you styled it! Its really adorable! We love to try these summery outfits as well which you will love.

    xx, The Golden Girls

  5. You look so lovely !

  6. Beautiful, beautiful dress!! so love it!

  7. Lovely dress.

  8. Great Dress! I love high-lows. They're so nice cause they flow behind you when you walk.


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