Red, White & Blue

I would like to first point out how much I adore this sun hat! It's my most recent purchase, which was a must because of how great the price was! This post is inspired by the holiday, which reminds me, happy fourth of July (one day early)! This red, white, and blue bikini seemed perfect, paired with this simple tee from Victoria's Secret. I put everything together, and thought well why not turn it into a holiday post dedicated to Independence day! 

These photos were actual snapped in my backyard, my parents backyard to be exact. It's one of my favorite places in the world. I come often on days off and relax by the pool. Always feels like mini vacations! I thought this was a perfect place for this holiday post, what better way to spend your day off celebrating the fourth than poolside? Seems pretty perfect to me! 
You can see the gold detail on the sun hat here. It's from the Lauren line at Ralph Lauren.
Photography by Victoria Campbell Photography. This shot is one of my favorites, so nicely done! A huge shout out to her, and don't forget to follow her blog! (Here). 
Bikini: Target
Top Cover: Victoria's Secret
Sun Hat: Ralph Lauren
Sunglasses: Calvin Klein
Bracelets: Figleaf

I can't believe it's already July, which I might've stated already. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! I am luckily spending the day with my family and my boy. Very excited for our plans, and always look forward to our traditions! It's the little things that get you through. Happy Independence Day, again!


  1. Lovely pictures :)


  2. Great photos!

  3. haha blue is a good color on you :) it's the same as your blazer from last time :P

  4. Lovely photos hun, that pool definitely suis you well :)

  5. look glamorous gurl. Color suits you well.
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  6. Nice pictures, you look ideal! :)


  7. amazing pics! lovely outfit :>
    check out my latest look:

  8. So lucky!! If my rents had a pool I'd be doing the same thing. And yes, I do agree, poolside is an ideal way to spend the holiday! Love the print on the bikini bottoms.

    Sex w. Candy

  9. beautiful as always! love your hat! can't wait to spend some time poolside this weekend :)


  10. Such a cute look! Enjoy your 4th of July :)

  11. love the hat! looks like you had a great day :)

  12. Lovely photos,i love white hats

  13. I loved these pictures, so classy, elegant, summery and cool! Like a dream:)

    Much love to you,

  14. loveley post revealin yet chic

    xx houseoffstyle


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