Bad @$*

I realized a while ago that I haven't done a post with this studded leather vest since I bought it! I got during Spring Break in Times Square. I immediately fell in love, and it's such a great accessory...not to mention I feel kinda bad @$* in it. For the warmer weather, I went with these white shorts instead of jeans. I'm not a fan of tanks with vests, so I still wore a long sleeve with it (I would also love a 3/4 sleeve!).

This studded bag goes perfect with the look.

 I normally do not wear hoop earrings, but I thought they looked fun when I paired them with this ensemble. 
 These wedges were the best 14 dollars I've ever spent! They are the most comfortable wedges...and go great with a ton of different looks! 
 I mixed gold and silver jewelry with this. I'm becoming more of a fan of mixing these two colors.

Top: H&M
Vest: Forever 21
Shorts, Wedges, & Bag: Target
Watch: Michael Kors

I finally went school shopping! So I'm all set for the semester. I think I'm excited to just to be back on a schedule, but not for classes to start. Of course I am going to miss all of this free time...and the weather. I am NOT a fan of snow! (Unless I'm snowboarding)! I will have to make time for that this year. Hope you are having a lovely week! 


  1. Really nice look !

  2. loooking amazing kay loving the post's day by day

  3. this look is so cute!!


  4. Love the heels!!

    Stay in touch

  5. Love all the metal details! Really toughens up the look :)


  6. I love the simplicity here, very nice!


  7. Gorgeous look. Love that you decided to go with a long sleeved shirt, looks very cool

  8. Ahh this vest is perfect. Love your wedges too!

    Xo, Hannah


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