Cobalt Contrast

One of my favorite colors to wear is cobalt blue. I am not sure why but I feel as though it brightens up the face, and is very flattering on everyone! You all know I love contrast in my outfits so I paired these white denim pants with my bold top. At first I was a bit hesitant pairing two different kinds of snake skin together, but when I had the whole ensemble on it was as though they were meant to be! That's something you have to remember when putting outfits together... you may think certain things look funky together, or don't necessarily go, but when you have it on together it's always a different story!

 I know I just put up a closeup of this new beauty in my last post but I just love the snakeskin with this outfit. It's a great accessory to throw on with such simple, bold pieces!

 These new shades of mine are from Aeropostale and I absolutely adore them! I've been looking for sunglasses that have a different shape to them and I finally find the shape I wanted. 

Top: Maurice's
Denim Bottoms: Blue Label RL
Sandals: Charlotte Russe
Watch and Bag: Michael Kors
Sunglasses: c/o Aeropostale

I know I've told you that I am officially apart of Aeropostale's VIP program, but I never told you about the event that was last week! I was invited to a Preview Shopping Event of Aero's new Fall Fashion Line, which was amazing! I was able to bring two guests to come shopping along, which was a really great time. We all bought a few pieces each, and I can't wait to show you them! I'll be posting them incorporated into my ensembles so stay tuned throughout the next week or so for them. Thank you for reading, like always! I appreciate you all.


  1. Royal blue looks pretty nice on you !

    XX Luba

    Rocking leather shorts wiht Chanel-like flats in my look today

  2. Cobalt blue is such a great colour and fun to wear! I agree with you it looks great on everyone! You look great and I love your bag!
    Xo, Jackie

  3. Looking cute !

  4. That color looks amazing on you!

  5. nice photos and i love the entire outfit..the calm white pants + bright deep blue...matched together..

    asian fashion beauty blogger

    drop comment on mine if you like ;)

  6. I love this color of blue, too. I think it makes everyone look more a awake and polished - I guess thats why so many newscasters stick with cobalt and red!

  7. I love this top. The Cobalt Blue really brings out the color of your hair and freshens up your whole look.

  8. So pretty.

  9. Lovin' the contrast. And the sandals are amazing. I could see myself totally wearing this.

    Sex w. Candy

  10. Hello, I'm new at your blog and I absolutely love it! Please visit my blog and if you like it maybe we could follow each other. Let me know!

  11. Hi Kay,

    I love the color too. Its a color that is very photogenic and telegenic too:)
    I actually blogged something similar...wearing blue as my top and pairing it with animal prints too.

    Its right here


  12. Hi
    Love this color!!
    Your outfit is amazing:)

    xx, Joana


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