New York: Brooklyn Bay

On our first day of arrival, we decided to check out the area around Tim's parents apartment! They just moved to a different part of Brooklyn, and it is absolutely stunning. They live about a mile from the Brooklyn Bay, and just a few blocks further to the beach. We had exceptional weather, sunny and 80s the whole weekend! It made the trip that much more perfect.

 The bay is surrounded by restaurants and little shops on one side, and on the other are these beautiful homes. It doesn't even feel like Brooklyn, it feels like Florida.
Some details of my beach casual outfit.
 After being at the Bay for an hour or so, we walked a few blocks further and here is the beautiful ocean! 
 It was unbelievably windy, but Tim still kept snapping shots! I'm lucky to have him.
 My man looking out at this beautiful view.
Of course we had to take one together, self-timer!

Top: c/o Civil Clothing
Maxi Skirt: Aeropostale
Aviators: Forever 21
Watch: Michael Kors

Even though this trip was all compacted into two quick days, it was wonderful to get away! We got so much into those two more photos to come! Classes are all started back up, yesterday was my first day back since I was still traveling on Monday. They went well, this semester is sure about to be a busy one! Happy Hump day! 


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