Pretty in Pink

I can finally say that it is scarf season, and I could not be happier! Scarves have always been one of my favorite accessories. They can make a plain outfit come all together with either a pop of color, or just a much needed accent. This particular scarf I chose to pair with this Vicki's Secret PINK tee, is one of my  favorites because of all the bright colors. Oh, and these pants!! I absolutely adore the flare in them!

 This is just one of my basic tee's to wear around, I love the sparkles. I paired this with these kind of dressier pant to pull it all together. I still wanted an effortless look. 
As for the accessories, I went with my oversized Michael Kors Hamilton and my heeled brown booties.
You can see the flare in this photo of the trouser, they flow with you as you walk. 

Trouser: Old Navy
Heeled Boots: Aldo
Scarf: Nordstrom

It's been a rough morning/afternoon for me today, but I was not going to let my readers down! I had to put together a post really quick, and now I am going to relax for the rest of the day so I can finish this week strong, (hopefully). Happy hump to you!


  1. LOVE the trouser jean!

  2. Haha I love that writing on the tee! How cute! Love it with these jeans :) Suits you so well!


  3. Those jeans are cute on you

  4. Adore your t-shirt and purse!! So chic :)
    xx Lara

  5. Those jeans fit you perfectly!

  6. Those jeans are soooo cute! Love them! How long ago did you get them? I didn't seem them online.


  7. Absolutely love the flare on those jeans! I can't believe they're from Old Navy either. Hope the rest of your week went a lot better!! Sending you positive energy.

    Sex w. Candy


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