Dots and Stripes

One of the major trends this season has been mixing prints, which can either be really cute or...not. Sometimes the prints people choose to put together aren't meant to be mixed together but other times it can look put together even when not meant to be. It's very confusing!, but you just have to go with your gut on this one. I decided to put together this striped dress that I usually wear in the Summer, and pair it with these polka dot leggings from The Pantyhose Project! I worked with them earlier in the year and styled these tights in the middle of the Summer (see post here). I love the detailing on these and the fact that they are maroon! It makes them unique and gives a great feel to a simple outfit. In this gives this already striped outfit, more of a flare. The plum lipstick ties everything in, and I always love an excuse to wear lipstick.

Candid photos are always the best. I had to sneak this in here.

Dress and Sunnies: Forever 21
Tights: The Pantyhose Project
Heels: Aldo
Scarf: NYC Shop
Bag: Target

Happy Huuuuump day! I hope all of your weeks are going lovely as ever. I received some exciting mail yesterday morning, and you will all see soon what I have been so secretly working on! I posted a sneak peak of it on my Instagram yesterday, so if you haven't seen it yet, do follow so you can keep up! Like I said earlier in the week...I have another project as well with the same people and I can't contain my excitement! I honestly do not believe how great this blog has been to me, and how many opportunities have come from it. I couldn't do it without you, so thank you so much! I love all of my readers. You mean a whole lot to me!

Before I part ways today, I wanted to talk more about the website I had mentioned about a month ago, StudentRate! I had mentioned that they have great budget tips when it comes to shopping for fashion! If you haven't already checked out their site, please do! Another really great way to stay updated with their tips is to follow their Pinterest boards! You can follow all of them right here, or follow the individual ones you are interested in! I follow all of their boards and they are so helpful! From Halloween ideas, DIY ideas for your new apartment, to fashion tips and tricks! Don't miss out on everything that they have to offer!


  1. Love the combination of the stripes and polka dots! :)
    XO Karla

  2. These prints are so subtle that they just belong together! Nice job done! :)



  3. I am in love with those tights! So cute!

  4. Nice look ! :)

  5. Ooh the stripes with the polka dot tights!! LOVE! Amazing booties too..

  6. This outfit is perfect! I love your heels, and I have that same bag!

    Madison Martine


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