Insta-Kay August and September '13

It's been too long since I've updated with an IG post! I am sincerely sorry...I guess I just had too many outfits I wanted to share with you (and still do)! I thought I would combine August & September together in one post, so beware: lots of photos! One of the most exciting things that happened in August was attending the VMAs in Brooklyn. It was an amazing experience, and I am finally posting a few photos from the trip! Since I'm combining two months, I am not including all of the photos but most! To see more of me on Instagram, be sure to follow here!

At the Barclay's center outside of the VMAs! We were so excited for the night to begin. Best night of my life!
While we were there we wanted to explore the new part of Brooklyn (his parents moved!), and we got to spend the entire day at the Brooklyn Bay which is breathtaking! 
The top photo is just some of the things they sell on the side of the road, and I was in love with all of them! It was so hard not to spend my entire bank account. (I might add I didn't go shopping once this trip! I was impressed with myself). The bottom two are of gorgeous Central Park. I love being there.
The first night we arrived we got to explore Manhattan for a while, and have dinner in Greenwich Village. Such a beautiful place!
So right after the VMAs, we made our departure back to Kent since the semester was starting. I adore my campus and was glad to be back! We spent the day with my family at the zoo a few weekends ago, which was an amazing time as usual. Tim and I rode this camel. 
Being back at school isn't my favorite, but it is nice to be able to be with everyone again. 
 Before Fall officially started, I got to go home for Labor day and enjoy poolside one last time this season! These two sunsets are from my beautiful backyard at home.
 On the top, I am newly addicted to Alex and Ani bracelets. I can't get enough of them! The bottom two photos are the view that Tim and I had during dinner one night on Twin Lakes. Such a beautiful backdrop and the weather was perfect so we got the opportunity to sit on the deck.
Civil Clothing on the top, I always love receiving packages from them. :) Arm candy on the bottom, can never have enough!
Top photo is showcasing my red matte manicure. I've been loving matte nail polish and lipstick this season! Bottom two show my Sunday essentials. PS- that smoothie was soooo good.
 Lunch with mama! I got to spend the afternoon with my mom last week. It was a really fun day, we shot for the blog and grabbed some sushi afterwards. This plum lipstick is to die for! It's from Stila Cosmetics, definitely check it out!
 Just this past weekend a good friend of mine celebrated her 21st! We all joined her on a party bus to Cleveland, which was awesome! It turned out to be a great night spent with great people.

Well I warned you that there were a TON of photos! Like I said, this isn't all of them but you can see my whole Instagram page @fashionablykay. Don't forget to follow! Thank you for taking the time reading all of this.. I appreciate it more than you all know! Happy hump day!


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  4. Love the pictures! Glad you had a good time in New York. Your boyfriend is really cute!

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