Rule Breaker

So I know it is an ancient "rule" that you can't wear white after labor day - but I say screw that! I will wear these white skinnies until the snow starts falling down. I loved this color contrast between the white and black with this subtle pop of pink. This scarf was a gift from my lovely cousin whom is also one of my best friends and it is all the way from Paris! She spent a little over a week there with her mom recently, so jealous! It was the perfect add on to this flannel that had a little pink through out it. I wanted to get enough wear out of my opened toe shoes (even though I just told you last post I was putting them away for the season!). 

I went with these black wedges to add some black to the outfit. I love these wedges and I am pretty sure I told you I got them for an amazing price, $14!! Target always has the best sales, you can't go wrong. Which reminds me to tell all of you that I just scored a pair of booties for just $10! And at Target. They are having great Fall sales and I advise you to check them out!

Tank, Bag, Shoes: Target
Plaid: H&M
Scarf: Gift from Cousin
Sunnies: c/o Aeropostale
Watch: Michael Kors

This week is just all blending together..the days and even the hours. So many midterms and so little time! Like I said before, Kent is celebrating Halloween this Saturday so I have to be sure to get all of this work done before the weekend! I apologize for this post being so late, usually I am on my A game with making outfit posts. I am such a schedule-oriented person I hate being behind on things. Until next time!


  1. Love your scarf!!

    Madison Martine

  2. You are looking fabulous! Yes, who cares about that silly rule? Rock those pants the whole year round, I'd say! :)


  3. very simple and chic look :)

  4. Cute !

  5. I'm happy you're breaking the rule because you look awesome! Love the wedges, what a find! :)



  6. Wow, cool blog! Great style.
    If you are interested to follow each other, let me know :)
    Really love your Blog.
    Love, Anni

  7. I love the plaid shirt and the watch!


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