Shop Anthom I have a major love for this sweater! It's from SHOP Anthom. I was approached by Anthom to do a little collaboration with them, and once I checked out their website I couldn't turn down the opportunity! The website is an international online boutique featuring under-the-radar designers and labels from around the world. All of the pieces are so unique and lovely! I had a hard time deciding which piece I wanted but when I saw this sweater, I knew it was a done deal.

I went with these stripes skinny jeans to add more flare to the ensemble, and I actually love these two pieces together. The detailing on this sweater is what makes it so unique, the hemline is wonderful! It's very flattering on whomever puts it on. It has little hole detailing throughout the whole piece so I threw a nude bandeau to cover up. It's very light and would even be perfect for a Summer night.

Sweater: c/o Anthom
Striped Jeans: Aeropostale
Flats: Target
Sunnies: Forever 21

If you haven't heard of Anthom, definitely take a moment to check their site out. It's worth your time! Some of the pieces are higher in the price category but there are more things for less. I spent most of my time on the "sale" tab! Which isn't a bad's okay to be money conscious! Tomorrow is Sweetest Day for us people here in Ohio...until yesterday I thought that was a known holiday! It has come to my attention that only we celebrate it! Anyways...I plan to make my boy a nice meal in return for a trip to some haunted houses tomorrow night with friends. :) First of the season! Have a great weekend!


  1. Loving those pants, what a cute outfit!!!
    Have a lovely weekend :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. Super cute, laid back look ! love it

    XX Luba

    The perfect office and after work look today on

  3. Looking cute !

  4. Haha so funny you mentioned sweetest day! Being from Ohio I thought the same thing, talking about it here in SC people looked at me like I was crazy. Lovin the outfit though, totally want to steal it :)

  5. Love this outfit so much! Your pants are amazing!!

    Madison Martine

  6. I love your style!
    This outfit is amazing :) Love the sweater!

  7. Such a cute look! I wouldn't think of combining pink with blue but it looks so great :D
    Maya - Archistas

  8. Lovely, I really like the jeans!
    Lucy X

  9. The pink sweater is really beautiful! I love the light color

  10. I didn't know this online store, thanks for featuring this on your blog. I love it. By the way your blog looks so incredible, easy to look, your style is amazing. Keep on going!


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