Leather, Leather

Leather is one of the best things about this time of year. Leather jackets, leggings, pants, tops! We're beginning to see more and more of this trend this year and I think it's great. I paired Charlotte Russe's Moto jacket that you saw in this post, with my faux leather leggings from Body Central. I originally bought these leggings for my Halloween costume last year but I've gotten much more wear out of them than planned, which is always a plus.

I was going for a bold black and white look so I paired all of this leather with a black and white blouse and a pair of black heeled booties. I have been loving booties lately! My Aeropostale goodies came in the mail earlier this week and I snapped a photo of the booties from there on my Instagram, check it out!

Now I have to talk about this bag. Skulls and fringe, what is not to love! The Lookbook Store has it in just about every color now, but I am a huge fan of black handbags. It has silver skull details on one half of it, and fringe on each side. I was in need of a new bag and this is the perfect addition to my collection!

This gorgeous leaf necklace was hand crafted for me by the amazing Michelle of Lilac's in the Sun. She is so kind for making me the pieces I asked for, and I couldn't thank her more! If you haven't checked out her Etsy shop yet, please do HERE

Blouse: Target
Moto Jacket: Charotte Russe
Leather Leggings: Body Central
Bag: C/O Lookbook Store
Booties and Sunnies: Forever 21
Leaf Necklace: C/O Lilac's in the Sun

Friday! Finally! My old roommate who happens to be one of my best friends from Medina is coming to hangout today. I am so excited to catch up. It seems as though I never get to spend enough time with my friends lately...so much work going on between this semester's workload, working part time, and being a full time blogger! Hopefully one day I will have all of this figured out though. Thank you as always for reading along with me! This wouldn't be what it is today without you all. Much love to you!


  1. This outfit has my name written all over it!! You look fab!! :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. Everything looks so lovely !

  3. Love this outfit...I love your red lipstick...it stands out so much! What color is it? RoRo’s World

  4. The leather pants look so good with the light shirt!

  5. Love it! How can you look so nice in every outfit?

    xx Sophie

  6. This outfit is absolutely perfect! I've been loving black lately :D
    You look stunning!


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