Studded Booties

It is so sad to see all of the trees losing their leaves now but it just gives me another prop to work with while shooting! I love all the colors you see everywhere you go, and today was quite a windy day so the leaves were blowing every where you looked. This outfit is featuring Aeropostale on the entire upper half! This Marilyn Monroe top had to be added to my closet, well just because. Also...this jacket. How do I even express the love I have for it? It's perfect in every way, and I am so glad I found a perfect fit! I have been looking for years for a jacket that I love and I finally can lay that mission to rest. This beanie is also part of Aero's Winter collection! They have so many cozy hats and scarves to choose from, I didn't know which to get! The color drew me in. 

These studded booties were calling my name. I was also on a mission to find a pair of booties that I was in love with...and never found a pair. If you follow me on IG, you have seen my Aeropostale booties that are absolutely perfect! I haven't put these on there yet, but here they are! I got them on clearance from Target for just $10. I couldn't pass a deal like that up. 

I went through a phase where I did nothing but curl/wave my hair. Lately...I have been loving it straight. I don't know why I go through these phases, but I can't help it! I love changing it up (every few months haha). So you will most likely be seeing lots more of my straight hair on here. Which do you prefer? Curled or straight?

Marilyn Top, Jacket and Beanie: C/O Aeropostale (here, here, and here.)
Skirt and Bag: Target
Tights: Banana Republic

Happy Happy Veteran's Day to all of you Veterans out there! I hope you are enjoying your day with loved ones. Some people forget the meaning of these Holidays and mistake them for a day just for no school or classes. Do not forget the true meaning and thank a Veteran today. :)


  1. Love those boots girlie!!! So pretty and fabulous. Also, that hat is super adorable!

    xo mel
    turquoise blonde

  2. I go through phases with my hair too... right now it's up in a top knot because I didn't feel like doing anything to it! You look cute! Love those booties!

  3. Looking cute !

  4. You look great! Love the comfy casual look! :)



  5. Love your beanie!

    Madison Martine

  6. we just love how daring you are with your style. this is a great post

    keep it up

    xx houseoffstyle

  7. I just discovered your blog so this is the first outfit I see.
    Studs on your booties and chains on your bag? Come on girl, I just had to follow you :D
    I'm following via bloglovin (name : Lyn De Sloovere, blog : Blonde Butterflies)
    Lots of love!xx


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