The Jumper / Fashionably Kay x Dahlia Wolf

I can finally spill the details on this project I have been keeping a secret for these past few months! Personally, I think it's worth keeping a secret like this because then it's much more exciting when you find out what it is. I was approached a few months ago by Paxton of Dahlia Wolf to be one of the first bloggers to collaborate with this new brand. I was beyond excited (and honored!) to be a part of this. It was huge for me because it's the first time working with a company on designing a piece of clothing. Paxton made it super easy and it was awesome working with her! 

The "Fashionably Kay Jumper" (yes!, it is named after me!) is only available through Dahlia Wolf, you can find it HERE. I chose a one-piece because personally, they are the easiest outfit, well, because they are one piece! I love rompers and I love crazy, colorful prints. Dahlia Wolf is based out in L.A. so the palm trees seemed perfect. It is a little cold here in Ohio but with a sleek black leather jacket, this would be a bomb outfit!

I threw on a skinny black belt and a pair of black pumps to go along with this bold look. Simple jewelry was a must to add some details. I kept it light because the piece itself is already so busy. I hope you guys love the outcome of this collab as much as we do! 

A huge thank you to Paxton and everyone at Dahlia Wolf for including me in this collaboration! I love you guys and can't wait to work together again in the future!


  1. Love this "Fashionably Kay Jumper". I will be going on vacation over the xmas holiday- it will be an essential for my travel destination. Can't wait to order!
    XO, Michelle

  2. Wooow this is a head-turning look! Gosh, you are one lucky girl, congratz on this collab - it was totally successful!



  3. Congrats on the collab! Such an amazing piece!

    Madison Martine

  4. That is so exciting! I love the jumper - you did such a good job designing it

  5. OMG I LOVE this jumper! Its cold here in Texas (believe it or not!) but I want that jumper for summer already!!

    Evon Von


  7. I usually don't like jumpers, but I can't take my eyes of this one! So gorgeous!


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