A Holiday Look

Merry Christmas Eve to you from New York! I am currently en route to go home for the holiday. Our trip was absolutely amazing. I will have to tell you all the details after the craziness of Christmas. I chose to do a holiday look for today's outfit post. This dress is from the little boutique in Kent I told you about a while ago, Figleaf, for those of you who don't remember! This faux fur jacket is from Little Mistress and is stunning. I love how warm and cozy it is. Perfect for your holiday look this year! Especially with NYE coming up, it keeps you warm and you still look elegant. I curled my hair and then put it back into a low ponytail. Added a pop of plum lipstick, and ready to go!

Dress: Figleaf
Faux Fur Jacket: ℅ Little Mistress
Bracelets: ℅ Pink Accessories

I hope you are all spending the next few days with loved ones. This is my favorite time of the year. I think I've said that before though. :) I am writing to you from NY right now, but I am going home! Enjoy the holiday's, I am so grateful for you all!


  1. I love the look ! It's so fab !
    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, you can win a bottle of Burberry Brit !

  2. You look gorgeous!! I love this outfit and I love that coat, so elegant!!

    Happy Christmas Eve!!
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  3. Gorgeous girl, so jelly you got to go to NYC.

    Happy Holidays,

  4. Lovely dress! The sheer sleeves look awesome. Happy holidays!


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