Bold Pieces

I have been living in this bright beanie lately! (℅ Aeropostale) With all the cold weather it is just my go-to so my ears don't feel like they are falling off. Another vest, I know.. this is a completely different look than my last. This is really dressed-down and casual. This sweatshirt is one of my favorites and actually belongs to my best friend, but I haven't returned it since about high school. I don't think she misses it too much. :) This is my studded Forever 21 leather vest that you've probably seen a time or two before. I have never worn it with a sweatshirt and I actually think this is my favorite way of styling it so far!

These denim jeans are my absolute favorite. They are slim denim from Ralph Lauren, blue label. You've seen them a gazillion times on here. They just have the perfect fit and aren't too low cut. I have when you find a nice fitting pair of denim and they are so low cut that it's hard to keep them on you! These Charlotte Russe heels have been a major plus in my outfit, I never realized how badly I was missing them until I purchased them! Again, here is my beauty of a bag. This black and white quilted Michael Kors hamilton was also a huge plus in my closet. Can't get enough! 

Sweatshirt + Vest: Forever 21
Denim: Ralph Lauren, Blue Label
Beanie: ℅ Aeropostale

Tomorrow is Friday! Thank gooooodness. I am actually going home today to stay with my family for a few days. I think I am coming down with a major cold or the flu…so hopefully organic fruit, homemade chicken noodle soup and some relaxation will take care of that! Until next time, XO!


  1. Looking cute !

  2. Love this look and I love the beanie!! Pink beanies are the best!!!

    Xo Ash
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  3. Love this outfit you look so laid back but amazing!

With A City Dream

  4. Ah I love your pink beanie!!

    Madison Martine

  5. This outfit is soo cute, love the pop of the pink beanie!

    xo. Zafi


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