Sequins Galore

Happy Thursday! Today's post is all about this stunning sequined dress from Lashes of London. I am absolutely in love with this piece. We shot these photo's just last week and ended up taking them inside since the weather was not cooperating. The wind was horrid and the temperature was a bit too cold for bare legs. I ended up loving the vibe of these anyways! When I first saw this dress online I thought it was going to be a more beige/nude color but it turned out to be a very pale pink which I am happy about! It's so girly and feminine, nothing like I really have. I tend to buy either black dresses or bold colors, nothing like this. That might have something to do with why I love it so much. 

The sequins make the dress, which is obvious. The material is a cotton blend which hugs your body in all the right places. It makes it super comfortable and doesn't ride up at all like most body con dresses. The back has a cute little keyhole detail, which I love. I don't think there is one complaint I have about this piece! 

Now on to the hair…. I threw my hair in a high ponytail, and wrapped a strand around the actually pony, to hide it. Then I added another pony about an inch down from the first and wrapped more hair around that to hide it as well and give this affect. I pulled the hair between the two knots to allow some volume and teased the bottom to give it this messy look I have going on. All of this together turned out to be one of my favorites I've featured on here. It's fun to experiment with different looks! 

Dress: ℅ Lashes of London

I am breaking this dress out this weekend for a night on the town with the girls. I mentioned before but my roommate turns twenty one and we're celebrating downtown, the perfect excuse to pull out the sequins! One more day until the weekend! Xo 


  1. Beautiful dress!

  2. GREAT photos! Love the dress!


  3. Wow.. this dress.. how fun is this? So gorgeous! Love it.. you look amazing, have fun on your night out!

  4. That dress is so pretty !
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  5. So pretty, I love sequins. They’re a neat way to add a little of a lot of glamour depending on the type & how much of them you want!

    The Fashann Monster


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