Ozeal Glasses

Happy happy Thursday! Today's post is allll about my new glasses from Ozeal Eyewear. I've been needing a new pair/prescription so it was perfect timing to get these new frames! I wanted something totally different than what I normally wear, which was a simple black pair of frames. After looking through tons of frames on Ozeal's site, I started to fall in love with all of the Human Skull ones. This tortoise pair seemed like the best fit for me, and I was right. I just got them last week and absolutely adore them! 

Glasses: ℅ Human Skull via Ozeal Glasses

If you are looking for new frames, take a look at Ozeal Glasses online, they even allow you to try on the glasses virtually with your webcam! Makes things so much easier when looking for the perfect pair. I have a special giveaway coming to the blog tomorrow, so be sure to check back tomorrow afternoon! 


  1. cute


  2. Love the look !

  3. Very pretty - those glasses look great on you!



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