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Most of you probably remember my last post on Review Australia dresses, and if not, here is another featuring their bridal line! Summer is sneaking up on us… faster than we think and this is the season of love, and weddings! I love a good wedding, like most girls. There's something about them that is so magical. Not to mention, the dresses! That must be my favorite part. Review Bridesmaid Dresses have the perfect collection that includes florals, stripes, and other fabulous patterns and textures. They also have accessories! The perfect bag to go with your dress. If you missed out on my last post on them, here is a little background history on the company: 

"Review was established over 25 years ago in the shape of a small Melbourne based wholesaler. From the beginning, with trademark eclectic style and a touch of Parisian chic, Review became known as the destination for party dresses and fun corporate wear for the modern woman."

My two fave pieces in this collection are the first floral dress and the bright floral skirt. They are just perfect! The skirt would be so adorable would a white cropped top, and the floral dress paired with bright heels, utterly amazing!

My sister is having a baby shower this month (I am SO excited for this baby boy to be born!!), and I think I am going to get one of these fab dresses to wear! They are perfect for spring/summer and I have been obsessing over floral prints. It's a win-win! Do any of you have plans this upcoming season that you're in need of a great dress? Spill the details! XO 


  1. Amazing design and detail. Many brides ask me it I know where to if a bridal dresses. I am mentioning Review next time!

  2. Very cute pieces! My favorite is the floral pencil skirt :)

  3. Cute dresses! I bag has gotta be my fav though

  4. Cute pieces !

  5. Cute pieces !
    love that floral skirt:)


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