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The weather has been so perfect lately, just in the low 70s, that I can finally start wearing skirts and sleeveless tops! This has to be my favorite season because it's just so exciting that summertime is around the corner. For today's post I paired bright accessories with a white cropped top and a grey/tweed-like skirt. This blouse is from Civil Clothing and it has the cutest floral collar! I styled it on the blog last year (find the post here), a little more casually. I'm not usually a pink person but as of lately I've been wearing more and more of the color. These pink heels are soooo old, but I love them! To play with the colors in the collar I added a pop of yellow in my bag.

I love playing with different silhouettes and fits, which is why I paired these two pieces together. My usual style is more of a fitting top with either loose bottom or vice versa to balance the ensemble out… but I ended up loving the box fit with this blouse along with the skirt. It was super windy so my skirt was flaring out the whole time, but we made it work!

Top: ℅ Civil Clothing
Skirt: Forever 21
Heels: Gift from Mom
Phone Case: ℅ Clique Cases

This melon phone case is from Clique Case's new Spring/Summer '14 collection. I LOVE all the colors they've incorporated into this selection and you'll be seeing more cases on here soon! One of my favorite accessories are phone cases, you can never have too many! I find myself matching them to my outfits more and more lately. 

Thanks to everyone who tuned into the #CRRedCarpet event with Allyssa and I last night! We got to take over Charlotte Russe's twitter, which was super fun! The fans were great and we got to interact with a bunch of them. Hopefully we will do another event soon. Allyssa and I have a few collabs coming up together, super excited to share them with you! So stay tuned loves, XOXO!


  1. Wow, I'm totally in love with you skirt and the rest of your look, too.

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  2. Cute look !

  3. Great outfit and pictures of you.


  4. You look great! Love the mustard and red together. Perfect match.

    Life with Lyss

  5. Great mix-n-matching! I love your iPhone case!

  6. Love the mix of bright with the grey <3

  7. Love the shoes and handbag! Such a cute, fresh look :)

  8. Super cute outfit! Love the bag with the shoes!

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    Style Honestly

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