Everyday Denim ft. AOS

Today's outfit is super casual and featuring this dark denim from AOS, Articles of Society. I have very few pairs of denim that I consider to be "comfortable" while being super adorable… but these pair right here has to be the most comfortable pair I have ever worn around! I wore these all day in Pittsburgh a few weekends back, and we were all over the city and I was comfy the entire time. From the car to walking for long periods of time… I didn't have any problems. My favorite part is where they meet your waist. They aren't high-waisted or hip huggers, but they are just traditional jeans that come up to where they are supposed to so when you are bending over you don't give anyone a show! 

I decided to pair these with a spring palette of pastel pink and a deep purple mix. This linen top from Ralph Lauren is seriously my favorite. I find myself throwing it on probably once a week. It goes with everything and I just love the color. Perfect for Spring! 

Tank: Target
Blouse: Ralph Lauren
Phone Case: ℅ Clique Cases
Glasses: ℅ Ozeal Glasses

Everyone needs a basic pair of denim in their closet thats a go-to just for the days you don't feel like wearing sweats, or wearing that pair of denim that makes your butt look good, but are uncomfortable. These are a win-win! To play around with the pinks in this outfit, I paired this Berry Plaid phone case with it. This case is one of my faves… there's something about plaid that I'm drawn to. Have a happy day!


  1. Very nice look !

  2. I love love love your shoes!!


  3. Love it! Great sandals!


  4. Love this look!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!:)

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina


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