Killer Heels

Hi loves. Late(r) post today than usual... had a rough morning. Had to put my kitty down due to a fatal disease. Very hard to say the least, but relieved that he is in a better place now. Trying to stay positive and focus on the good, like the fact that my baby brother is graduating high school today! Can't believe the day has come. I'm excited and glad that I have that to take my mind off of other things. 

Now let's talk about some better things... like this outfit! This is my second collaboration with Deb Shops and I am positive my favorite yet! I went with a monochromatic feel with pop of color in the heels and the pastel necklace. These heels are feeding into my bright/neon addiction this season. I paired this with Orelia's pink clutch to bring out the pink in the necklace and loved the way everything turned out. The back of this tank top is gorgeous! 

Top: C/O Deb Shops
White Denim: C/O Deb Shops
Heels: C/O Deb Shops
Clutch: C/O Orelia Jewelry
Phone Case: C/O Clique Shops
Sunnies: C/O Rayban via W Concept

Happy graduation month to all you graduates this month! It's so exciting! I hope all of you have a great Memorial day weekend and enjoy spending time with loved ones. Thanks for reading along as usual, I appreciate each and every one of you. Xox


  1. All I can say is WOW!! Those ARE one pair of kill heels! Absolutely beautiful!! XO :)


  2. Love the pop of colour in this white monochrome look. Indeed those shoes are killer, I love them. Nice pants too.

  3. Amazîng look !!!! I have the same heels in black luv yours ;)

  4. Love the look, especially the top !
    Giveaway, get the bronze queen look

  5. the heels add a pop of color to the white outfit! gorgeous!

    Pudding Monster

  6. Perfect outfit! You get better and better with your posts!


  7. Love the cobalt blue heels!

  8. i love this outfit! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  9. :(( sad to hear about your cat. Your heels are beautiful x

  10. Beautiful outfit and the shoes are gorgeous! Really sorry to hear about your cat. x


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