Review Australia: Floral Craze

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I have been obsessing over florals as of lately so I decided to choose all of my favorite floral dresses off of Review-Australia to feature today! They have a  h u g e  collection of floral prints in so many different silhouettes. Floral can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and/or plans for the day! I love how easily it is to dress down a dress with a pair of flats or sandals and take the same dress into the evening with a classic pump. I've thrown together two outfits with my two favorite dresses from above. 

I have to get my hands on one of these dresses, neon and florals are such a lovely combo! Summer is the perfect time to play around with colors and prints. Never be afraid to have some fun with your closet! I am thinking of doing a weekly round-up of my favorite items of that week, what do you think? There are so many items that I wish I could share on here so I think that would be a great way of doing so. Hope you enjoy, I've linked each dress from Review Dresses online going from left to right. Have a good weekend loves! Xox


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