NYC Instagram Roundup

I am finally sharing my NYC photos from my most recent trip earlier last month. I can't believe it's already been that long since I was there. We had an amazing time just us girls and got a lot of shopping done. Here are the Instagram photos from the trip... don't forget to follow to stay tuned! (@fashionablykay)

 All photos were taken by my iPhone 5. We actually got a ton done within the time frame of being there. The best food I've had in my life on this trip! Stay tuned for tomorrow's themed post! Xxo


  1. looks like u girls had so much fun
    I love your nails.....

  2. Greeeat photos! NYC must be so cool! I really love your I woke up like this shirt :D It's on my wishlist :))

  3. Wow I'm SO in love with your photos ! Love the nails, the shoes ! So so pretty !

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