Pink Crush

I'm becoming more in tune with my pastel side, and I can't get enough of this blush color lately. I used to think it was too "girly" but I'm putting more and more of it into my wardrobe. This blush sweater is from AERO and I absolutely love it. The open back and bow details make it more appealing to me. I paired it with my Ralph Lauren denim and Lauren Conrad leopard heels. I have some fun holiday looks coming for you and I can't wait to share them all! The week before Christmas is going to be filled with holiday looks. Stay tuned for all of that and I hope all of you college ladies are getting by finals week without too much stress! Easier said than done, I know. Xoxo

These new glasses of mine are from Firmoo, and I can't say enough good things about them. I chose my frames, gave them my prescription and within the next week received my glasses. Super fast, and the frames are wonderful. I love the softness and color of these ones versus my tortoise pair. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking to not spend a fortune and have some trendy glasses! 

Sweater: C/O Aeropostale
Denim: Ralph Lauren
Glasses: C/O Firmoo


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xo, kay