If you guys are anything like Alex and I... you survive off of coffee during the week. Maybe even the weekend!? We are absolutely in love with our new Pixie Clips Nepresso maker.. which makes for cutting the time in half waiting for our drinks! It's so easy in the morning to just grab, push and go when you're in a rush for a pick-me-up (or to mostly start your day!). The new machine has the cutest clips that can easily be changed color-to-color depending on where the machine sits, or your mood. Our kitchen is black and white based so we love the white simple ones.

The brand also just launched two new OriginalLine Limited Edition Grands Crus – Tribute to Milano and Tribute to Palermo. Nespresso creates eagerly anticipated Limited Edition coffees to continually surprise and delight coffee lovers around the world. Their coffee experts are always looking to deliver new sensory experiences, introduce diverse coffee regions, and showcase unique tastes and aromas with every coffee launch.

We've tried both of the new Grands Crus and love them. They're both really rich and perfect for what we like to drink daily. I hope you are all enjoying your weeks so far... it's flying by! The leaves seem to be changing colors, which puts me in a happy mood. Now for the temperature to just drop! Thanks for stopping by, xo love you guys!

Nepresso Machine: C/O Nepresso
Grands Crus Coffee: C/O Nepresso


  1. This coffee is looking so delicious !


  2. This looks so easy to use, what a fab idea! Gx

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