Grey Hues

Three. More. Days. Ahhhh!! The countdown is killing me. I'm mostly looking forward to the day off of work and finally getting to go home to see some family! This entire month has been nothing but a constant hustle and go, go, go. It'll be so good to unwind and relax finally. Today I am featuring an asymmetrical knit from One Grey Day, which is my new favorite company. Seriously, this sweater is so comfortable. The fit, the material, everything. It's so flattering with the drop in the front and how it's straight across in the back. 

I paired it with, I know shocker, white jeans and grey boots. These grey boots are my newest addition to my shoe closet and I adore them! I've been on the hunt for good grey boots and these ones are just those. They are a little shorter than my knee but I like having a variety. They look great with dark jeans too. These white jeans are still my absolute favorites, so comfortable and they stay white, which is always a plus. I hope you are all having a great week... almost over!! Happy Tuesday, XO.

Knit: C/O One Grey Day
Boots: C/O Sole Society (marked down to less than $100!)
Jeans: C/O DSTLD
Sunnies: C/O Freyrs Sunglasses
Bag: Calvin Klein (Similar)


  1. I love the unique vibe of this sweater :) It's not just another grey sweater.

  2. Really cute look !


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