Black and Navy

Hello strangers! I am writing a late evening post, due to being cooped up in the house all day. It's been a long month of January so far... I've been so out of it. I haven't been feeling well, to come to realize I caught a virus and it's taken way longer than I anticipated to feel back to normal. I am hoping I am at the last end of this (let's cross our fingers!!). I've been non-stop working and coming home and sleeping right away. It's left me no time for anything, I can't tell you the last time I cooked a meal or even grocery shopped. Not too much fun... but things are looking up. :) 

Today I am finally bringing you a new look! Woohoo. Navy and black has been a favorite of mine always, so when I saw this navy wrapped coat, I knew exactly how I was going to pair it. It's a classic look that can add some color to an all-black look, which I am a huge fan of. I've been trying to go out my hair for the past few months.... and it's finally paying off!! I've used no heat on it what-so-ever besides from blow-drying. When I do, I make sure to spray it generously with TRESemme's heat protectant spray, it's my fave. I always put some argan oil on the ends when it's finished drying and then just brush through it... no other products or heat so it could have a lengthy break, and it's growing. Thank goodness.. it was so short! I keep going back and forth about bringing my ombre up further, or just keeping it where it's at now. Opinions? Help a girl out! Xo

Jacket: C/O SheIn
Leggings: C/O Chicwish
Booties: BCBG Generation
Bag: C/O Dolce Vita
Sunnies: C/O Rayban Via Ditto (Use code fashionablykay for first month free!)


  1. This look is on point!! I'm in looove with your ombre too!

  2. Oh my! Your hair is gorgeous! And I love how you mix and match navy blue and black :) Very pretty Kay.

    Rica |

  3. That jacket is everything! I cannot believe the price!

    Emma | With A City Dream

  4. What a gorgeous selection!Absolutely love these pics!

  5. What a nice pictures, it really looks good on you.

  6. Great pictures! Amazing design and images.

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  8. Great post.Amazing as always.You look gorgeous!

  9. A stunning post!You definitely made it so well!These photos are just amazing.

  10. This is a great combo!! I'm kinda loving all of it.


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