Getting Organized

Getting organized can sound like an easy task to do... but sometimes it's harder than you'd think! When it comes to blogging, an important thing to do is get and stay organized. Whether it's with planning and creating content, keeping track of companies you're working with and which items still need photographed, or even planning Instagram posts... it can get overwhelming. I still am even in the process of mastering staying organized. I wanted to share some tips that I've learned over the past three years of blogging with you and hopefully you can take something away from it. 

Tip #1: Invest in a planner. Not only invest in one, but use it. I would always buy an adorable planner and write in it for about a few weeks... and then the fun of it would linger and I wouldn't look at it again until one day I'd come across it in a junk drawer. A planner is such a great tool that allows you to not only plan out posts or what you need to get done for the day... but it allows you to keep track of which items arrived on what day and the date you need to post them by. It's been a lifesaver to me when on a time crunch!

Tip #2: Keep a list of brands/companies in which you are working with. It helps you keep track of how far you've come and allows you to look at what you've accomplished. While I keep a list of brands I work with, I also try to keep track of every item that I have yet to shoot which makes it easier when going through my closet putting together content. It makes things easiest for yourself and also helps get the new pieces out there.

Tip #3: Set aside specific time for blogging. While most people have full time jobs and blog whenever they have the time, it does make it easier to focus and get the most of your time when you set aside specific hours for getting it done. I am still guilty of doing little by little but I try to set aside 2-3 hours a day to get my planning and posting done. While sometimes it is hard depending on how Alex's and I schedules collide, but luckily he is supportive and wants me to take the time to get things done.

Tip #4: Overwhelmed looking at your lists? Ask for help. I am truly lucky that I have such supportive family members and friends that want to help. Whenever I am overwhelmed, I can ask Alex or my mom for help and they help me get organized and help with lists. If Al knows that I have a time crunch on posting a look whether to my blog or Instagram, he's there to help. 

Tip #5: Be consistent. The more consistent you are, the more you will get into the grove of things. When I am feeling down or out of it, I tend to take a break all together on blogging whether it's for a day, or a week. This past month has been rough for me, and I took a few week hiatus. It was super hard for me to get back into the grove of things... but now that I have, it's made things easier for me to stay organized. 

That's all for now... and I hope that these tips truly helped you. Another major thing that helps is to have all the necessary tools to stay organized! I picked up the accessories from my nearest Target's Dollar Spot (I was majorly excited to find them), and the planner is Kate Spade. Using fun colors, post-its and highlighters makes things seem more fun and it's always better to have a positive mindset when trying to get things in check. Happy Tuesday to you guys and thank you for reading along, xo!

Planner: Kate Spade
Accessories (Post its, dry-erase board, clips): Target


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