Grey Cropped Sweater

Grey has been my new black lately... especially paired with white. I love the color that I am constantly wearing it... it's gotten so bad that Alex even notices when I throw a tee shirt on and he says "that looks like every other shirt you have in your closet". Oooops...sorry, not sorry. Something so classic about the color and so refreshing for spring. If you haven't noticed... I'm definitely not a red or bright pink person, aside from holiday red. I don't think I'm a huge fan of Valentine's colors. I like to keep it neutral, which is always okay.

This week has gotten a little better... aside from all the snow! It's going by a bit faster than it had started, which is always a plus. I am off today which means I will make sure I get to see my baby nephew! I always look forward to the days where I spend them with him. It's so crazy that even when a week goes by... the next time I see him it seems like he's grown an inch. So sad to see them grow up so fast!! I hope you are all having a fabulous week and today is even more fab. Xo to you guys!! 

Sweater: C/O Chicwish
Jeans: C/O SheIn
Flats: Steve Madden (less than $100!)
Sunnies: C/O RayBan via Ditto (Use code fashionablykay for first month free)


  1. Love this simple, yet stylish look.


  2. You look so cute ! Love the shoes !



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