Ultimate Denim Guide


I've been receiving many questions lately on my social medias about which denim I wear and the sizes/prices of my favorites... so I decided to do a quick denim guide on here! I've rounded up my faves from a few websites I'm always buying off of, especially SheIn which almost all of you ask questions of! (Hover over photos, direct links are over the numbers!)

SheIn is an affordable website that I love getting my trendy, in-style pieces from that can be worn on a day to day basis. Their tops usually run true-to-size but when it comes to their bottoms, I always go up a few sizes. I am normally a 2-4 in bottoms depending on where I am, but in SheIn denim I wear a large. It fits just right and throughout the day it loosens up, which is just how I prefer my jeans. The ones above are all less then $50, most of them being less than $30. I've been getting more and more into lighter distressed jeans, especially for the warmer months!

The ones below are ones less than $100, more in the $50-$100 range. These are from higher end websites (Nordstrom and ASOS) and have a higher quality. I don't prefer spending a lot on my denim, especially since I'm always getting more and more since I wear them so frequently. My absolute favorite denim is from SheIn (this pair) and is less than $20. They fit perfectly and I can't get enough of them. Hope you guys enjoyed this! Xo


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