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Just a quick Instagram update post! I've included some of my favorite posts in the past few weeks here for you. If you are not already following along on Instagram, follow here! (username - @fashionablykay). I post on that platform a few times each day so it's easiest to see which collaborations I'm working on and what projects are going on a bit sooner than on this platform. 

Instagram is one of my favorite social tools, like most peoples. I am quite upset that I heard FB (since they bought IG) are redoing the design and feed for everyone. I'm not sure that it's true or not, but what has been flying around is that they are redesigning the feed to put the "most popular" posts at the top instead of organizing them by time. Just when we though we knew what times were best to post and studied the entire scheme of things - they switch it on us! I guess we will see what happens. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend my loves! Xx


  1. Love your photos !

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  2. Love the beautiful shots and vibe!

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