Athleisure Days

Mondays... we meet again. Does anyone else get so excited to get a new, crisp pair of sneakers? Something about black and white sneakers makes me one happy girl. I've been eyeing up the new Air Max's by Nike for a while and had to cave on these. They are honestly the most comfortable pair of sneakers I've ever worn. I bought my free's earlier this year and these beat those by a landslide.

I wanted something super comfortable while my mom and I did some running around a few weeks ago so I threw on my new sweats and moto jacket which I ended up loving together. This moto jacket could go basically over everything and still be my favorite outfit. It's so classic and put-together, I can't get enough!

How did everyones weekend go? The weather could not have been more perfect, right? It's gone down to the 70s and even the higher 60s. It looks as though the cooler weather is here to stay which is completely OK with me. We've been burning our fall scented candles for what seems like months... (okay being a teeeeeny bit dramatic) so we're fall ready over here! But who isn't!?

Moto Jacket: C/O SheIn
Sweats: Nike
Sneaks: Nike
Bag: Furla
Tee: C/O Signorelli


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xo, kay