Redecorating Part I - #FashionablyKayHome

Good morning, ladies! Happy Monday! Today I'm sharing our newly (almost finished) redecorated apartment. I was hesitant to share these photos with you all mostly because there are still a few things we wished we could change, but we can't since we live in an apartment. (Hardwood floors, white trims, painted white doors, etc.) With that being said,  I was so proud of how it turned out and it's our little space. We've been living together for a couple of years now but have never decorated the way we would want. When we  originally moved in together, we both had mix-and-match furniture collecting it from family and/or friends over the years, especially while in school. We made a deal last year that we would save to redecorate the beginning of this year, 2017 and invest in pieces that will take us from our apartment to our home, when we decide to build.

We took a trip to IKEA on January 1st (can you tell we are impatient to get our new furniture?!) and started the process that day. We picked up this nesting coffee table (in white) & decided to spray paint it gold. I saw so many neat IKEA hacks on Pinterest and fell in love with this one! We both wanted a coffee table like this but didn't want to spend the hundreds on dollars on one. It's a great alternative and perfect for a smaller space, like ours. Ever since I posted it to my Instagram, I've received soooo many questions of where I got it! While we were in Pittsburgh, we walked into a Value City to look at a few sofas for our space and fell in love with one. After going home and reading reviews... we decided to look elsewhere. We looked online for what felt like forever (exaggerated) and found the one you see on Overstock. There were mostly positive reviews so we took the plunge and bought the "Grey Linen" color & so far.... we love it! I've linked it above & it also comes in a few other colors, all being so cute.

Most of our decor is from either Home Goods or Marshalls... and we are soooo lucky to have both of these stores right down the street from us. Also, a little dangerous, haha! We are constantly checking out both to see if we missed anything or if any decor was added. We found all of our pillows from there for amazing prices. I picked up the Audrey book from our coffee table for less than $20 which is a great deal. Alex surprised me by ordering the Chanel one off of Amazon, he is still the sweetest, ever. We found Tucker the cutest plush bed & sign for his "little nook" we created for him. It's a cozy little space that we put his crate in with a basket of toys and now his new bed. :) Safe to say he loves it!

I absolutely love the outcome of our little place. It's so much cozier and just seems like home to us. I decided I want to share our journey with turning this apartment into more of a home so you all grow with us while our tastes change and evolve. It's going to be a fun process! I am posting weekly photos of the space on Instagram, tagging them #fashionablykayhome. If you don't already... follow along here! I am planning on ordering a much bigger rug for the space and also adding decor here-and-there. We just bought an open-shelving bookcase that we are excited to decorate. I'll be sharing more and more photos as the decorating continues... xxx.


  1. You guys did a great job. Turned out so the side table. Tucker and his bed are adorable too. ;)

  2. Your pup, omg too cute! Love that sign above his bed, I need that!

    But okay your home is gorgeous! You definitely have a talent for decorating.
    I love all of the white, and pretty accents!

    xx, Jamie

  3. I love your home décor! My kind of color palette! xo, Nataly

  4. Your house is looking so adorable !


  5. Love your space it is so cozy and chic!


  6. I love the neutral colors!! Very chic!

  7. What a pretty room! Love the grey sofa and that awesome clock. <3
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  8. You did an amazing job decorating. I love how your apartment is so light!

    ~ Katie

  9. Omgosh your home looks so cozy! You did a great job!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  10. I love your cozy living room! And your pup is seriously the cutest!


  11. Love this space! It looks amazing. I need to do some decorating and this is giving me some serious inso!

    xO, Steph

  12. You did such a great job! My favorite part of course is the puppy!!

    Xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

  13. Ahh your space turned out so beautiful girl! Looks like such a cozy spot!


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