SheIn Maxi Skirt & FAQ RoundUp

Happy Tuesday dolls! I'm sharing the cutest maxi skirt with y'all today... I loooove a good maxi. Since I'm 5"4', I tied this up so I wouldn't be tripping over it! I could have gotten away with keeping it untied but I didn't want to hide my sandals! This skirt is super high-waisted but I actually love it because it kind of hides everything... haha. I paired it with an oldie but goodie grey tank that is cropped so it tucked in easily. I linked another tank from ASOS (where I originally got this one from)!

I also wanted to incorporate all of the recent questions I've been getting lately on SheIn. If you aren't familiar with the website, they are a "fast fashion" retailed with trendy, affordable pieces. I've rounded the questions up below and answered them all, truthfully. I know some of you have been skeptical to order from there so I hope this post is informational and helpful to you! I wouldn't want to steer any of you wrong, especially when it comes to spending money. I totally get it! See the FAQ's below :) 

How is the quality?
I would definitely compare the quality of SheIn items to those at Forever21 and even H&M. You are paying for "fast-fashion" and that's what you are going to get! I tend to spend my money of 'trending' pieces at places like these since they won't always be in style. I definitely splurge more on basics!

Have you ever received a piece that you didn't like? It wasn't what the site said it would be?
I do work with SheIn on a monthly basis and receive a bunch of new items. However, I don't feature all of these pieces; because sometimes they aren't exactly what I thought that they would be. I have never had an item that I "didn't like" - it is mostly issues with sizing (see below) - I've become smarter on what I order; meaning I look into the size chart on every single piece. I don't order things that I think would be a hard material for me to wear or looks cheap. I only feature pieces that I love and that I think you girls will love, too! 

How do the sizes range? TTS? Run Small?
On every single item, there are different size charts. I make sure to check with each individual piece just to be safe. The tops I have found run TTS and I order smalls and maybe a medium when I want an oversized feel. The bottoms do run very small and I find myself ordering larges in them since I don't have the smallest hips.

How long does shipping take from when you place your order? 
After I place my order it takes around 2-3 days for my pieces to ship (this is from my personal experience, this by no means this is everyones) and from that day I would say it takes 7-10 business days for the pieces to arrive. SheIn did just change "warehouses" (I work with them and speak to a PR person regularly) and since then, my shipments have taken a week to arrive. 

Have you ever ordered shoes? Do they run TTS?
I have ordered one or two pairs of shoes and from my experience I would say beware of which shoes you are ordering. I ordered two flats from there and the quality was perfect. I had zero complaints are they were actually dupes of a designer for just $30. I was super happy with the quality of them. The last pair I ordered, I wasn't as happy with but for the price, they were worth it since I won't wear them everyday. 

Have you had any issues regarding payment?
I can't answer this one since I do work with them on a monthly basis. Basically I choose pieces that I would like with no guarantees that they will appear on my blog. I have never "paid" on the website since my PR girl sends me over the items but I do have close friends that shop on their frequently ever since I've shown them the site and they can vouch that they have never had issues! 

I know I mentioned this above but I do hope that this helps you girls with your concerns. I combined some questions into "one" category since I wanted to keep things short and sweet. They were all pretty much the same just different wording. If I missed anything, don't hesitate on asking! Like I have said, I wouldn't feature pieces that I didn't love and that I wouldn't wear on a day-to-day basis. If you follow my tips and tricks on ordering things and just being careful when it comes to selecting... you should be good to go! Thanks for stopping by and drop a comment below if this helped you! xo


  1. I love this skirt on you! Thanks for sharing all your tips regarding Shein! Ordering can be a challenge sometimes.

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    xo Laura Leigh

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  5. I partner with SheIn, too, and literally could have written this exact same blog post because these are my exact thoughts and what I've learned when it comes to sizing! And I love this skirt and how you tied it up! That's what I do as well with my long maxi dresses and skirts since I'm only 5"2!

    xo, Sara

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    stephanie //

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