My Fall Go-To

Hey girls! Happy Tuesdaaaay. I hope you guys enjoyed our first recipe to our new series - #fashionablykayfood. Alex was so proud of that post, we can't wait to put another one up next week! In case you missed it, see what I'm referring to here. Today, I'm taking it back to style! I am seriously craving the fall weather like no other lately... the humidity has me worn out and ready. 

I have good news and bad news! Good news is that these jeans were FULLY restocked (woot woot!!) and they are only $60. If you've been following along on IG, you know that these are my go-to and SO comfortable. Y'all... I am not lying when I say they are the softest material, everrrrr. Bad news is that this cardi is still sold out but I'm seriously hoping they restock it, soon!!! They also have this cami available in two sizes in the black but the other colors should be fully restocked. This one will for sure be kept in stock for a bit!! It keeps selling out quick, though.

I have some new content for y'all that I'm really excited to share! I'm still working on my first Travel Guide (ever!!) from Anna Maria Island and I hope it'll be live before the week is over! It's taking a little longer than I anticipated but that's a good thing because I don't want to miss anything! Also, some more lifestyle shoots coming your way... lots of good things!! Thanks for sticking with me, babes!! Love you all, xo. 


  1. I LOVE the hem on these jeans! Such a cute combo!


  2. ABSOLUTELY LOVE this look! I missed out on this cardigan and praying for a restock. LOL.



  3. Love how cozy and cute this outfit is! Great cardigan.

  4. Oh super love them!

    Rica |

  5. I love this came & cardi combo! So good!

  6. This is absolutely perfect! Love this fall look!!

    xo Olivia

  7. These jeans look SO GOOD on you babe! And I love that you're adding food content into your blog!

    xo, Sara

  8. I was eyeing that cardigan during the sale and so bummed I didn't pull the trigger to buy - its too good for fall!

    Birdie Shoots

  9. Okay, I need that cardi ASAP!!
    It looks so great on you girl!



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