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Hey loves!! I am finally getting this post live! I think it might be the most requested topic that you wanted to see on here... which makes me so happy! I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves planning and organizing especially with stickers, haha! It's one of my favorite hobbies, which Alex majorly makes fun of... but that's ok ;) I've rounded up the most asked questions/topics that I get about my life planner and where to purchase accessories and what not. Let me know if I missed something in the comments and I'll update the post! xo

What planner do you have?

I have the 2018 Erin Condren 18-month Lifeplanner. I chose the horizontal layout since it gives you more room to write which is what I needed. I like to have detailed descriptions in my planner instead of just one-line comments. I love how you can customize the life planner to what you are exactly looking for! You can see the weekly view for my planner below and some other pages that I've included.

I know that the life planner is on the pricer side.... so Happy Planner is also a great route to go! They are sold at Michael's and Hobby Lobby (also online) and they are about half the price. They are set up the same way generally, but without the customizations. If you don't really need the bells and whistles, I suggest going with those! (My sisters and my mom all have a Happy Planner and love them! So I can vouch that they are amazing, too.)

What stickers/accessories do you use?

This is probably the most asked question that I get via DMs. I love the Happy Planner sticker books. (They are also called "Me & My Big Ideas") I usually run to Hobby Lobby or Michael's near me to check out all the newest booklets/accessories. The books are pricier than the individual sticker 'packs' but I prefer them so much more because you get more first off and I love having them organized that way. There are always coupons so don't grab them full-price! I've found a few of the booklets that I own and love for you to shop below (discounted)!

Which Booklets do you have?

I'm going to breakdown each booklet and what it offers and how I use them. 

1. Productivity: This was the first booklet that I purchased. It makes the most sense for my day-to-day things to get accomplished. I love the meetings, appointments, phone calls and to-do list stickers that it's loaded with. 

2. Fitness: I love this booklet for staying motivated and keeping track of all of your workouts. It offers stickers for miles, steps, eating habits, encouraging quotes, etc. With my planner - there is a small section that these stickers fit into perfectly and I usually include them on the days that I know I will be at the gym. I also include the encouraging quotes throughout the week since make the planner more fun and "pretty"! 

3. Stickers: This is a generic sticker book packed with a little bit of everything. It offers pages for fitness, productivity, bills, reminders, to-do lists, food, girls night, etc. I bought this one since it included basically anything I would ever need! I told Alex that it would be my last booklet to purchase but I soon realized how wrong that was... hahah.

4. Mom: This was is "geared" for moms but I use it quite often and think it applies to most of my life. The first page is geared towards the moms since the encouraging quotes have "mom" in them but the rest of the booklet is one of my favorites! It includes mani-pedi, food, what's for dinner?, holidays, birthday, celebrations and just adorable stickers for your everyday plans. 

5. Everyday Memories: This was my most recent purchase that I made (it's a new booklet) and I seriously love it. I bought it mostly because of the fall stickers that it included but it has so many cute (larger) stickers to include into your planner to make it look neat and tidy. I've shown you a page below from here that's too cute to pass on! 

*From left to right: "Stickers", "Fitness", "Productivity"*

How do you organize your planner and stay motivated to keep using it?

This is another huge question that I get! I won't lie... it's taken me a while to get into the habit of constantly using my planner and staying on top of things (I would always buy new ones and say I'd use them but they ended up sitting on the corner of my desk, empty!). A huge part of why I use it so often now is that I just genuinely look forward to 'planning' - especially with the stickers and accessories. It makes it so fun to just wind down and sit on the couch with my boys while watching TV and go over what I have due for the week, which events, meetings, phone calls are coming up.

I think a huge part in wanting to 'plan' is figuring out what to write down in your planner. Are you a student? Working full-time? Do you want to keep track of your eating habits? Fitness journey? It makes a difference when you are keeping track of things and know what you want to include. I use my planner mostly for my blogging career & fitness journey. I also include life events going on - such as birthdays, holidays, family get-togethers, etc. I'm a big "to-do" list person so those are also things I write down daily to plan out my entire day! Just make it as fun as you possibly can and it will soon become a habit you look forward to!

How do you stay organized?

It's funny to actually say "I'm organized" or to see your DMs that you send saying "omg you are so organized!" - if you talk to Alex and tell him that, he will laugh. Hahaha the ONLY aspect of my life that is organized is basically my planner! It's just one of those things that I keep organized and love being organized. I bought a box from Hobby Lobby for $2 that I keep all my stickers and pens in. I have a big desk with cubbies attached to it so while my planner stays on my desk at all times, I can easily tuck away all the accessories so they aren't all over, all the time. (see below)

I also dedicate about an hour a day to look over my planner, make sure all my deadlines are written down and to make sure my to-do lists are completed/written out. Once you start doing this for a bit, it'll soon turn into a habit and you'll be more organized without even realizing it.

I hope you girls found this information useful and if you have any tips or tricks on how YOU stay organized, please leave them below! I could always use new tips on staying organized myself. & feel free to leave any more questions you have regarding which items I use or anything else for that matter! xx!


  1. Oh my goodness. i NEED those October stickers. Thanks for sharing....I can't wait to start on my planner with these stickers!

  2. Aw... you planner is amazing!
    I adore it! I need it!!! :)

  3. I've been looking forward to reading this post since you shared previews on your Instagram! Thanks for giving me so much inspiration for my own planner. I gotta get some stickers now haha!

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only person on earth who is absolutely obsessed with planners, haha! Great post, babe!

  5. Oh my gosh teach me your ways!! I am so bad at writing in my planner!!

  6. That planner is so cute! I've never been good with a planner but love the idea of using one ;-)

    xo, Laura


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