My Sunday Best

Hi my loves!! My apologies for no blog post yesterday... my week is a little upside down! I had a few deadlines which led to shooting yesterday morning instead of my usual Wednesday shoot and let me tell you... shooting fall layers in 95 degree heat exhausts you! My head was not feeling it... major migraine hit me in the afternoon and the last thing I wanted to do was sit at the computer and edit! I'm feeling much better today since I can hide in the AC at my desk all day (this heat is seriously insane!!) so I had a chance to edit some looks for y'all.

This Chicwish dress is so adorable, I can't get enough. It's one of those "it looks better on than on the hanger". My mom didn't know how she felt about it - but when she saw it on she goes "this is my favorite on you!!!", hahaha. I know you girls all know those pieces! Not to mention, it's less than $60. You can wear it to church, weddings and any other event you have going on this season! I decided to break it out for my 'Sunday Best' - it's always fun to get dressed up in the morning to go to church. Don't let this fool you though... I have plenty of Sunday's when I'm dressed in my not-so-best for church; those are the days we are late to service!! Lol.

Also, I wanted to mention that our #fashionablykayfood post will be live tomorrow morning! We are thinking of changing the food recipes to every Thursday since it's easier on Alex (he has Wednesday's off!) and we have the afternoon to shoot them. He doesn't work every Sunday... but Sundays in general are busier for us with family things going on and we tend to run our errands/grocery shop then, too! Not a big change and we will definitely keep posting every week! Thanks for understanding girls... xox!

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