Autumn Leaves

The weekend is finally here! I'd love to say it's as sunny currently as it shows in the above photos but we are having a gloomy, gloomy day here in Cleveland. It was much needed though since we haven't had a good rainfall in about three months... too long! Allergies were acting crazy it seems like for everyone, including our household & our poor pup. So yay for the rain!

I'm sharing a transitional fall look with y'all today and I adore this cold-shoulder dress. I love it paired by itself for a more evening look and maybe some strappy sandals on the warmer nights. It was cooler when we shot these photos so I added one of my favorite scarves that resembles Burberry's famous print (always a classic!). I basically don't go anywhere these days without one of my hats... but that's okay with me! They add a certain element to every outfit that I love. 

I hope you girls are having a wonderful start to your weekend! I'm excited for tomorrow morning because we have a local blogger event happening and I get to meet up with some girls in the area. It will be so fun and it's always a plus that my mama is my photographer so she is always my plus one! :) We have too much fun together... haha! Have a great weekend babes!! xo

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  1. I'm loving all of the fall vibes! Looks amazing!



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